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Why only accepted by moulds experts?

With 30 years of experience in bottle caps & closures moulds molds tools, I have offered countless mould prices and met countless foreign mould buyers. Many buyers are short-term services for their employers, and they are not familiar with or even not understand moulds. They just compare mould prices continuously. There are always cheaper mould manufacturers in the market. They are not unprofessional bottle caps and closures mould manufacturers. In addition, in the past ten years, China's mould manufacturing industry has been fiercely competitive, and mould profits have been very low. Few young people have learned mould manufacturing. This is a hard, low-paying job with no prospect and no future.

Why only accepted by moulds experts of cosmetic bottle caps & clousres?

Compared with other moulds, the cosmetic bottle bottle caps & closures has the highest requirement on the brightness of the surface. If the customer frequently modifies the mould size, especially when the surface of the bottle caps & closures moulds cores is re-polished, repeatedly polished, and polished many times, the moulds cost will be very expensive. The salary of polishing engineers is very high in China's mould industry, which will increase the cost of moulds. However, there are many unprofessional purchaser engineers who don't understand this truth and blame the mould maker for being too fussy.

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