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Gosdar Mfg. Co., Ltd

Manufacturing and export caps & closures or covers & lids

Tubes & bottles,tamper evident caps, lipstick containers, lip balm containers etc.

Gosdar Mfg. Co., Ltd

Expert exporter of caps, closures, covers, lids, pumps, cream jars etc.

We are a Hong Kong company and we have factories in China.

We have specialized in make cosmetics closures and caps molds moulds tools toolings over 20 years.

We also manufacturing and export caps & closures or covers & lids such as tube unscrew caps & closures, tube flip top caps & closures, bottle unscrewcaps & closures, bottle flip top caps & closures, tube shoulders, tamper evident caps, lipstick containers, lip balm containers, etc.

We no longer export caps & closures alone. We are export special caps & closures that matching plastic flexible tube or small bottles together now.

This is wholesale non-retail and contract price directly signed by boss for huge sales.

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Aluminum closures and caps of anodized electroplating

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