Accept forex trading account entrustment, starting capital $200,000!

Account entrust area: Switzerland * London * Hong Kong * Singapore * New York

Providing solutions from exporting factory to forex investment, starting capital $200,000!

Why 2 million ?

1)Big money, big advantage!

Funds manager primary operation mode is real currency exchange at extreme field of high or low!
Funds manager secondary operation mode is margin trading buying or selling at extreme historic lows and historic highs!
Guarantee the fund security, if have a large number of funds, will have have a strong advantage!

2)Main funds, main advantage!

Fund managers trade for his own family funds mainly, trade for client's funds incidentally!
Incidental trading have extra profit is better, if no Clients also does not matter!
If there are too many small funds account management, I believe that will spend a lot of time to communicate!
Time is money, wasting valuable time, it will be a cart before the horse, more harm than good!