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Money Manager Story

"Forrest Gump (1994)"

Around 2009, I happened to see the Oscar-winning film "Forrest Gump (1994)",  I ask myself in mind: Do American life story, that is exactly the same as mine?  In fact, the many circumstances of "Forrest Gump (1994)", that is 95% playback of my past moments, just the scene is different. However, I don't have the good conversation skills of Forrest Gump, Because, I have always been silent, I was never spoken to people in the public.

Forrest Gump went to college, but I did not. I want to make a living and entrepreneurship, I was self-taught a skill, it is repeatedly spell 26 letters to various words, then store these words in the brain, this skill is the "English Language", referred to as "English", fortunately, many countries around the world are using this "craft". But in my eyes, it is just a craft of plasterer or construction technician or ramen master in countryside of Xi'an city.

Began to work in English and earn a living. Later, with the advantages of knowing English, and created my own factory and manufactured exported products worldwide. Later, with the advantages of knowing English, to create an international financial business, becoming an independent fund manager.

"There Will Be Blood (2007)"

In 2013, a huge loss made me scared and frightened, dare not to trade large orders and holding a heavy position frequently, focus on only to do wave band and long terms. In this way, it is necessary to sit in front of the computer screen in the trading room, but can not leave the market. In this way, there is a lot of free time, in order to pass the time, I've seen all of Oscar's films. When I see "There Will Be Blood (2007)", I was deeply shocked once again! The hero's blood and tears that in the process of struggle, in particular, a lonely person lying quietly in the dark deep hole, the scene that waiting for death to come quietly, caused me to reflect on my own behavior: why am I so crazy in the pursuit of money? what is the real reason behind it?

Why am I so keen on making money?

That is because I have been hurt by the money mercilessly!  That is because I have worked extremely hard to find wealth but can not, and it is at your fingertips now! so, I don't want to stop the madness of grab!  My nerves are always very taut, I am like a hare that high-speed chase by a hound, I had to rush desperately, the only way to avoid being eaten. My work time is always very full, and that make me like a whirlwind or a gyroscope to rotate, the only way to enslaving myself and driving myself, so that I can feel safe inside. 

I also clearly aware that it is a pathological panic, I seemed to smell the breath of death, but I couldn't stop, it is like a falling, unstopped object that slips down from the height of the slope, and will stop slowly until the kinetic energy is exhausted.

"There Will Be Blood (2007)" is warning me! Actually, I'm not making money, I just can not forget the experiences of being hurt by money! Actually, I'm not making money, I'm just at the expense of physical and life, I know I hurt myself and kill myself, but I can not stop and quit.

In fact, until the summer of 2017, I sleep 4-5 hours a day and will automatically wake up at 4:00 or 5:00 in morning. It may be a biological clock that is formed in several years during trading forex, wake me up on time; It may be several years accumulation dream of trading forex, always woke me up; Maybe I was too cherish the precious time as gold in trading forex research, and not willing to sleep. In short, I have become accustomed to sleeping 4-5 hours a day in the past several years!

However, I am ready to adjust my sleeping habits, woke up at 4 am to 5 PM every day, unless too awake to fall asleep again, otherwise, must learn to sleep a little longer, it is good for body health and body maintenance.

"The Prince of Tides (1994)"

Later, when I saw the movie "The Prince of Tides (1994)", the hero's sister, unable to forget the childhood trauma, mental disorders and suicide. The hero was hidden and sealed his memories until female psychiatrist reminded, he slowly unsealed childhood memories. About "frozen memory", I suddenly felt my childhood experiences, perhaps my memory have been frozen, my thoughts have been gathering dust. The difference that I was tortured and hurt by destitute and deprivation of childhood.

I put this damage bundle into the bag, placed on the shelf of my mind, Over time, frozen "damage" transformed into a crazy making money concept. That is because, a variety of scenes that are being bullied for poor that I have experienced times. and the negative emotions deposited and piled,  this became the soul capital to avenge, this became the driving force and great courage in entrepreneurship, whether creating a trading company, or creating a factory, or creating an international financial business, let me be an independent fund manager.

"The Prince of Tides (1994)" is works of dotting and epiphany that my mind began to wake up and my consciousness begins to realize, let me know it, understand it, recognize it, let it go, let my mind calmed down gradually! 

Three simple words:

1)If you want to know me, please watching movie "Forrest Gump (1994)", you can know my "story headstreams".
2)If you want to know me, please watching movie "There Will Be Blood (2007)", you can know my "character headstreams".
3) If you want to know me, please watching movie "The Prince of Tides (1994)", you can know my "mental illness headstreams".