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Scared money can’t win and a worried man can’t love

Psychologically speaking, "scared money" is not only a measure of the number of money.
Because you have such a large number of USD 10 million , but also may be "scared money", why?
Because, the USD 10 million is you work hard day and night to earn. You work 18 hours a day, not Saturday and Sunday, even hard to give up sleep, too simple in eating and wearing, even hard to be alive as a beggar, so in such a manner to save USD 10 million.
Although the number of up to USD 10 million, it must be "scared money" , every penny is your hard work, you extremely concerned about every penny.
This is my true sentiment in the 10 years trading process! why?
Because I built my factory in 2000, even if my factory to earn some money, but I can not forget the grievances and hardships of making money; also I can not forget the humiliation and hurt and torture of no money in childhood; all of these unpleasant memories will seriously affect the forex trading.