Accept forex trading account entrustment, starting capital $200,000!

Account entrust area: Switzerland * London * Hong Kong * Singapore * New York

Providing solutions from exporting factory to forex investment, starting capital $200,000!

Manager Guarantee Funds Security

The funds manager uses the conservative mode of operation, in order to ensure the safety of customer funds.

Specific steps are as follows:

1)Looking for a good position and make real currency exchange, achieve stable profit.

2)Use real currency reserves as margin, to find a high position or low position then secondary trading, it would not threaten monetary security.

3)Fund manager only charge a performance fee, do not charge management fees and commissions.
Example: first year loss of 5%, second year profit of 35%, fund manager receive a performance fee from 30% (35% -5%).

4)Fund manager conservative rate of return target set in the range of 5-30%, the final return to according to the real market volatility.