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Why Have Not Phone ?

Fund manager do not use the mobile phone in daily life!
Make money to rely on time, thinking, trading!
Fund manager is trading and thinking every day, can not bothered by phone during trading.
It will be great pressure in quiet trading time, I believe you can understand.

A phenomenon will be puzzled by potential clients?
Some clerks of financial institutions will always call the customer and pull funds!

Here, fund manager has repeatedly stressed that don't call to bother, why?
The answer is very simple:
1) Some professional investors or financial institutions, the majority of cases, do not rely on help investors make money, but by grabbing the money from investors, regardless of the loss, they will receive a large fee. (* REMARK)
2)In another case, the caller might be "sales manager" or "business manager" or "customer relationship manager", their daily job is to "pull funds", they are not "trading manager." Their main job is to "pull funds" or "suck funds" rather than "trading".

If you read the above post, you learned the truth, thank you for your understanding!
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