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Don't and Do!

Frequency Positions! NO!

Inverse Positions! NO!

Heavy Positions! NO!

Average Positions! NO!

Stops! YES!

Sit and waiting! YES!

Lonely meditation! YES!

Have big money! YES!


The weakness of human nature, no one is willing to be bound, in particular, to achieve self-restraint, only very strong willpower people, it can be done!
If the person's character is only roughly divided into nine: 1.The Perfectionist. 2.The Giver.3.The Performer. 4.The Tragic Romantic. 5. The Observer. 6.The Devil’s Advocate. 7.The Epicure. 8.The Boss. 9.The Mediator.
So, it is clear that the vast majority of people in this world are not suitable for the trade as a career.