Accept forex trading account entrustment, starting capital $200,000!

Account entrust area: Switzerland * London * Hong Kong * Singapore * New York

Providing solutions from exporting factory to forex investment, starting capital $200,000!

Clients Precautions

1) The profit target of clients is too high!
The return on investment may be large, may be small, may be a little loss.
Eventually return to be determined according to the volatility of the markets.
If fund managers unhesitatingly said: annual return is X%, do you believe?
Because, the markets has not fluctuated, where profit estimates?

2) Client’s fund is needed to be mobilized at any time!
The client must have large idle funds, and there is no good investment projects, can only be entrusted investment, the investment cycle is at least two years. Even if make real money exchange, also may be a loss.
If after make real money exchange USD/JPY = 105, client want to draw fund at USD/JPY = 108, if used in dollar terms, it will also have -3 loss.

3) The client should have a preliminary understanding of the financial trading!
If the client does not understand the principle of trading and always on tenterhooks every day. Fund managers will pay the cost for the client kept asking the time every day.
Because the fund manager need time to think and screening data, always be disturbed will be pressure and undermine trading sentiment.

4) The client should have a preliminary understanding of the electronic banking!
Hope the client should know how to trade on the Internet how to use electronic bank, otherwise, client always worried about security of his funds.
Because, the client's fund in the foreign exchange bank, in addition to be transferred to the account holder himself, can not be transferred to third parties, this is guild regulations. The transfer rules is different with general commercial bank.

5)The clients must have good spirit of contract.
Once the client signed a trust agreement, foreign exchange bank or dealers to execute distribution of profits and losses, then we must respect the reasonable requirements of the bank or dealer.
A: There is a loss, the loss degree and in contracts, feeling unbalanced state of mind!
B: Feeling funds manager lucrative income is too much, feeling unbalanced state of mind!