Accept forex trading account entrustment, starting capital $200,000!

Account entrust area: Switzerland * London * Hong Kong * Singapore * New York

Providing solutions from exporting factory to forex investment, starting capital $200,000!

Clients Conditions

1) The client's starting capital from $ 2 million!

2) The client's funds account shall be in Hong Kong, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America!

3) The client's funds shall be idle and not in use within two years management!

4) The client's account must be a joint account, two clients and fund manager can monitor account details, it is helpful to guarantee the clients fund safety.
The worst case is a client unforeseen circumstances, the principal joint account of another person know that funding details.
Joint Account: ①Natural joint tenants, on behalf of kinship. ②Total joint tenants, on behalf of unrelated.

5) The client requires annual income must be 30% or more, please switch to other better investments. Because no market volatility, several years are consolidation, Fund manager will not be able to reach the established goal of profits.