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Central bank intervention

Fed's monetary policy, 98% is rely on to say, 2% only by doing.

By declaring to reshape market expectations of future policy changes, this capability is the most powerful tool that the Fed holds.

Verbal intervention

Central bankers said in a speech that "they are generally closely paying attention to the currency exchange rate", Central bankers are delivered to the market in an encoded information, it hinted that it might push up or push down the currency exchange rate, trying to encourage and mobilize the traders to work together.

Speeches and rhetoric

Fed, ECB, Bank of Japan, Bank of England and other central banks, after the interest rate decision announcement, in the case of interest rates unchanged, interest rate fluctuations, it is caused by the president's speech of central bank's press conference; Interest rate fluctuations, it is caused by the president's rhetoric of central bank's press conference.
Because, Speeches and rhetoric could provide guidelines for the future of the exchange rate, which caused the foreign exchange price to fluctuate wildly.

Action intervention

Rate add / Rate cut, Maintain reserve increase / Maintain reserve decrease, Zero interest, Negative interest, Monetary easing, Buy bonds, Put a lot of money to commercial banks.